The secret of a beauty ① Chewing well

I have read these books by Aoi Kinoshita, registered dietitian in Japan.

I knew what we eat and how to eat the most important for our health and beauty but I haven’t taken it seriously and have tried to do exercises and use many beauty products instead.

But now is the time to take it seriously and start to change my eating habit even though I don’t like cooking…

So I decided to start slowly, not dramatically.

①Chewing well

This sounds difficult for me. I eat so fast without chewing enough, especially when I eat by myself, my mind goes somewhere to think something, definitely not focus on eating and food.

I will chew at least 30 times each bite.

[Benefit of chewing well]

– A histamine is secreted by mastication and a histamine helps to break down visceral fat and also prevent to overeat to send a signal to satiety center.

– A saliva includes the hormone which has the benefit of anti-aging.

– Good to prevent a double chin.

To be continued….

A quotation from ; 美人はコレを食べている。