Ayurveda in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰Day 1

My mission this year for myself is “treating myself well, making myself happy” to make everyone around me happy. No one wants to have  a massage from tired and low-energy person! Recently I had worked so hard and tired… so, I decided to go to Sri Lanka to have Ayurveda detox treatment 1 week…by myself!

I flew with Qatar Airways, it was my first time to fly with them and it was amazing flight! Food, entertainment and cabin attendant, everything was so great! I cried a lot with three movies… Emotional detox has already started.

This time I chose this accommodation.

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Resort

This big resort is alongside the beach, sometimes you can hear birds sing, sound of waves… just perfect to stay without nothing to do…


Very clean bed!

Less than 1 minute walk to the beach!

I was told to have a consultation with a doctor tomorrow so I ate a lot without any food restriction. Yay!

Everything was so fresh! and basically not spicy and mild  but you can add some sambal to make it spicier.

After lunch, I attended a cooking demonstration session and the chef showed us how to cook fish curry and dal curry in Ayurvedic way. Basically any oil is not used to make Ayurvedic curry. The chef explained some spices and ingredients and started cooling. Basically he put dal or fish, a little bit of onion and spices and coconut milk in the end and stirred. So easy and it took just 5 minutes but it was so tasty and fresh! I now understand why Ayurvedic food is so light and easy for stomach.