Our Japanese lift up facial massage

Hello from Japan!!

Currently, I am in Japan – It is always great to be back! The rainy season is about to start here and warm and humid so my skin condition is not great… You have to modify your skincare routine or the products you use.

Otherwise, I love Japan!!

Today I would like to share a video of our Japanese lift up facial – you can see most of it from this video!

If you are interested in this facial but not sure what it is – this video will tell you everything!

Also, please check her Youtube channel – All her videos look so interesting!

ASMR Beauty

Spring – Summer Special Offer -Japanese Lift-up facial massage with ENVIRON Skin treatment


Hope everyone is well and enjoying longer days and feeling spring – summer!

We are happy to introduce our new combination facial menu!!

-Japanese lift up facial with Environ skin treatment-

This treatment is a combination of our Japanese-lift up facial and ENVIRON skincare treatment which approaches facial muscles and skin rejuvenation in one!

Our Japanese lift-up facial uses special techniques to release tensions in the facial, neck and head muscles in order to enhance your personal features.

For ENVIRON skin treatment, you can choose either Focus-on or full face (excluded neck). Focus-on treatment is fast and focused, no-fuss treatments targeting specific skin concerns. We infuse specific serums with electro sonic technology to get targeted results in your focus area. 

Left – Before

Right – After

Skin tone is brighter and looks rejuvenated.

(Just one treatment)

New Menu – NF Therapy with Japanese Lift up Facial

🔔 new menu alert 🔔 

💆🏻‍♀️NF therapy + Japanese lift up facial !!

What is NF Therapy?

This is a new therapy originally from South Korea. 

By using a micro current which mimics bioelectricity, blood and lymph flows increase therefore it helps our skin barrier strengthen as well as absorbing good nutrients into the skin. 

Main Benefits

  • The current softens muscles and releases fascia adhesions that help lifting up, anti-aging and release TMJ tension.
  • Increases collagen, elastin and stem cells productions.
  • Regenerates skin cells 5 times quicker than general regeneration process (Scientifically proven)
  • Plumps skin
  • Purifying skin color and tone by supplying more oxygen and nutrients.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Reduces swelling

Comes with deep cleaning, upper back treatment with NF therapy, lift up massage and stem cell facial mask💐

🌟Special offer price 

90 minutes £120 (original price £140)

DM us to book your session 🙂

March Special Offer – Japanese Aromatherapy with @aroma

Would you like to feel Japan with beautiful scents from Japan?

We use special essential oils from @aroma – which is Japanese aroma brand. They are pure essential oils and the ingredients are carefully selected.

Their Japanese air selection is a unique collection of essential oil blends exemplifying an aesthetic sense of Japanese flora, nature, and culture.

A blend of oils from historically cherished Japanese plants. Each unique blend reflects the climate and environment of the habit where the plants grow. Be transported away to rural Japan with each scent.

Now we have £5 OFF this menu so why don’t you try this amazing experience?

This offer ends 31st March.

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January Special Offer – Environ Focus- On – Targeting area treatment

January Special Offer 

Environ Focus-on – Targeting area treatment

£10 OFF!!

If you don’t have time and budget for a full 90 minutes facial, don’t worry. We are introducing you our new menu “The FOCUS-ON Environ facials”

This 30 minute treatment targets specific areas with the powerful Electro-sonic DF Technology and active serum combination.

We provides….

 – Focus-on Frown

 – Focus-on Eye

 – Focus-on Texture

 – Focus-on Even Tone

These Focus-on treatment will be effective for 

 – Pigmented marks 

 – Crow’s feet 

 – Mild scarring

 – Frown lines around the eyes and forehead

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other skin conditions.

If you have any concern on your face but only have limited time to take care of yourself, this Focus-on is the best treatment for you!

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More details for this menu

Happy New Year 2022!

Dear Lovely Clients,

Following the last year, 2021 has been a difficult year. COVID-19 has had a massive impact on all of our lives and some of the repercussions has been long-lasting. 

 I would like to thank you very much for your continuous support and dedication in this challenging year too. 

I hope things return to normal as soon as possible.

May everyone has a lot of happiness and smiles!

We are looking forward to seeing you in 2022 🙂

Thank you,


Christmas Opening Hours

🎄Festive season Opening hours🎄

Thank you so much for visiting Kiyora in 2021. It has been tough with current climate but we are so happy to see a lot of people during this year 🥰

I really appreciate everyone who visited us with this difficult time. 

Wishing you the very best for the holiday season and for a safe 2022.

Christmas Special Offer – All gift card 10% OFF!

Merry Christmas!

It is the most wonderful time of the year 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful time with your families and loved ones.

As a little Christmas gift from us, we offer all gift card 10% OFF!

Massage gift is becoming popular these days so if you don’t know what is the best gift, this gift card could be the one!

Wishing you a Christmas that’s merry and bright.

We hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday season.

*Available online and at the venue – Offer ends 23rd December

New Facial Menu – Environ Bespoke Active Vitamin Treatment & Cool Peel

I finally found time to sit in front of computer and am writing this blog post…

And finally I am very happy to announce this new facial treatment we offer !

🌷Environ Bespoke Active Vitamin Treatment & Cool Peel 🌹

Environ’s luxurious Ionzyme Active Vitamin Treatments are suitable for all skin types and uses a combination of pulsed galvanic current (iontophoresis) and low frequency sound waves (sonophoresis), to enhance the penetration of the essential ingredients by up to 40 times compared with manual application.  Treatment with vitamins A and C works on the skin in the opposite way to peeling, laser resurfacing or dermabrasion (which makes skin thinner and artificial looking).  Application of active vitamins makes the skin thicker, healthier and more beautiful. 

Environ professional treatments give a younger looking, finer textured, firmer skin.  They are designed to benefit all skin types – even sensitive. The process of promoting healthy cell renewal is particularly beneficial to photo-damaged, dehydrated, scarred and pigmented skins.  There are also ultra-light peeling treatments for problem and thickened, photo-damaged skins.  Specialised treatments for frown lines or for skin hydration are also available.

We will gradually add Focus on treatment early in next year (Short menu which focuses on the concerned area).

Environ Bespoke Active Vitamin Treatment

60 minutes – £95 → £82 (sonophoresis on 3 – 4 parts of the area )

90minutes – £120 → £105 (Sonophoresis on full face and decollate area plus massage )

Environ Cool Peel Treatment

60 minutes – £95 → £82

The offer ends 30th December. Package will be available with offer price too.

Weekend appointment

We share the treatment rooms with Revive Massage Studios and recently more therapists started working on weekends. therefore we have to reduce our availabilities on weekend.

However, we will open the online slots whenever we are sure we can use the room.

Sorry for this inconvenience.