Hollywood Method Lift Up Facial massage

This manual facial method has been designed by Mr Koji Nishida, a Japanese Shiatsu Master in Los Angeles, originally for treating TMJ disorders (Temporo-Mandibular Joint disorders). We use special techniques to release tensions in the facial, neck and head muscles in order to enhance your personal features. This massage is very relaxing and as well as enhancing the shape of your face can also stimulate and encourage the natural healing power of your body.

Q. What is the difference between the Hollywood method and other lift up treatments?

A. Most aesthetic treatments focus on skin and lymphatic drainage, whereas the Hollywood method works on facial muscles and bones as well as the lymphatic system. By releasing tension in the facial muscle and correcting bone structure, the effects of this method could last longer than any other facial treatment.

Q. Is it painful ?

A. It is not painful. You may feel a little discomfort where your facial muscles are stiff or your lymphatic system is stagnated but that is all. This method is based on anatomy and physiology and is a safe treatment. We never use excessive pressure on your facial muscles and bone structure.

Enjoy a slimming facial massage with an overall tightening & lifting effect of the face and neck. The non-invasive method provides an eye-opening experience that will leave you feel rested!!

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