Japanese Lift Up & Deep relaxation Facial massage   50mins £65 (Without cleansing)

This manual facial method has been designed by Mr Koji Nishida, a Japanese Shiatsu Master in Los Angeles, originally for treating TMJ disorders (Temporo-Mandibular Joint disorders). We use special techniques to release tensions in the facial, neck and head muscles in order to enhance your personal features. This massage is very relaxing and as well as enhancing the shape of your face can also stimulate and encourage the natural healing power of your body.

-Lift up and adjust your face
-Deep relaxing
-Improve headache / migraine by releasing tensions of facial muscle, neck and scalp.
-Improve TMJ disorder (Temporomandibular joint disorder)
-Improve stress-related condition due to stimulating parasympathetic nervous system.

*This facial treatment mainly focuses on massage, not including any other facial procedure such as skin analysis, mask, machine etc… We only apply small amount of rosehip oil on the cheek area and neck. So you can keep your eye make up on if you wish or we can cleanse your face before massage. 

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